Thursday, November 4, 2010

Mind craze

Is nothing to everyone but something to no one. Is every where you are not and nowhere that you are. Is a passing moment, is a final thought, is the heart without a brain and a brain without a heart

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Poetic Justice

This feeling rushing through my veins, it feels like im going insane, What I'm faced with is an insatiable urge to splurge on those so they can get exactly what they deserve.
Or is it I that it is getting what he deserves, in the end does it really matter, is it just a sense of unparalleled perception of ones one self worth, can we, you or I see beyond that hurt to a higher sense complacence
Or is it just the lack of patience, the lack of time, the lack of direction, the lack of anything that lead you to respecting others, yourself or all
Is this what they meant by "the pride before the fall" or should I say the thing that lays in front of us all
Am I, us, we getting what is coming to us. Do we stare in the face of trials and run, or do we hit on 17 and bust
Like the man who dies in the same manner he has killed, or a rich man dying because of his money
Is it poetic justice, or just plain Irony?

The Man

You hate the man that kills an unborn child
You hate the man that thinks this crime is only mild
You hate the man that takes a life in cold blood
You hate the man that leaves the body in the mud
You hate the man that will lie, cheat, and steal
You hate the man that won't give his family a meal
You hate the man that rapes an innocent girl
You hate the man that makes her life unfurl
You love the man that destroys an abortion clinic
You love the man that kills in self-defense for his family
You love the man that catches a thief
You love the man that can provide for his family
You love the man that comes to a battered and broken girl's aid
But we all must come to a realization
We hate the man that does one thing
And love the other
We better check ourselves
Because we are both men

Its Comming

Death is blind to men women and children,
It doesn't care if you are rich or poor.
It can come at night, or in the day,
It dwells in the place where you lay.
There's no protection from it,
Anywhere you turn it's there.
No one to call, no place to hide,
"You can run, but you can't hide" doesn't apply.
You can't run, you can't hide,
Running, you can't stop running, its behind you.
Everywhere you turn it's there.
Death has many methods in carrying out its wrath,
Murders, homicide, suicide, and natural death
Just to name a few.
Hiding has no effect,
Even if you go to highest mountain
Or to the depths of the deepest sea
It can find you.
It's found you.
Now you're dead.